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President Xi is going to meet Modi during G20

The relationship between India and China is very sensitive. G20 will provide a platform for Xi and Modi to discuss about current issues. Contradiction between China and India is prominent. India worried about the cooperation between China and Pakistan, which is threatening the Kashmir controversy in India and Pakistan. China is concerned about military increasing cooperation between India and America. But China and India still have lots of common purposes in G20 in coping with structural reform, climate change, and anti-terrorism. G20 is still a great opportunity for two countries to discuss discrepancies.

How China has re-engineered host city Hangzhou for the G20 summit

It is China’s another attempt to enhance its soft power, to be perceived as a responsible player in the international community and to take centre stage when it comes to the global economy. Indeed, China’s goals for the G20 are a greater international focus on sustainable and inclusive development for all sections of the world’s population.

The G20 Summit in Hangzhou

Geraci was interviewed by Agi China 24 Radio. He said the city of Hangzhou was undergoing a major infrastructure work during the G20. It has penalized the citizens in the short terms with many factories and retail shops being closed, sometimes with very little compensation for the owners. This is the negative impact in the short term. But in the long term, the infrastructure of the city has been improved. The citizens could start to enjoy better connectivity and better underground lines. The area around the west lake also has been further embellished. So overall, the G20 brought the city of Hangzhou short term pains but long term gains. Click to listen the full Radio (Italian).

VC in China look at Bycicle sharing

Interesting Investment opportunity for small VC firms. With a growing concern about Green Economy, Chinese people are look at bycicles again as an alternative means of tranport. If you live in Beijing, you know well that driving anywhere is a challange