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Financial collapse of Wuhan Hongxin Semiconductor Manufacturing (WHSM) which was supposed to produce semiconductors with 7nm and 14nm technology, coincidentally in Wuhan. Business magazine Caixin in the headline reports the news as a setback in China's race to bridge...
The US is ‘one or two years ahead of China, not five or 10’ and ‘the Chinese are well ahead in areas like face recognition
Is China raising or simply taking back the role that it has always had? How can the West understand and face this reality? With Biden there will be less focus on trade balances, hence good for EU and Italy which enjoy a surplus with the US. However...
Parlo di sfide e opportunità che la #Cina ci presenta, direttamente dalla mia bocca, onde evitare "fraintendimenti" dei media
di Michele Geraci * (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) - Milano, 17 lug - Mentre gli Stati Uniti fanno la voce grossa con Pechino, la Cina registra un aumento del Pil del 3,2% nel secondo trimestre 2020 e,...
My speech at the 85th Anniversary of Ispi institute in Milan: 1) what are the redistributive effects of free trade; 2) why I insisted so much for the signing of MoU on BRI; 3) which is the dominating theory, Krugman or Ricardo?
Interview on RadioRadicale, together with Valeria Manieri, Francesco Radicioni and Eugenio Buzzetti. What is the future of the "trade war" between China-US? and what are the prospects for the EU? Why will China reach us in a few years? What should Italy aim for? Here are some answers...
I tempi sull’imposizione dei dazi su acciaio ed alluminio importati in America dagli Stati Europei si allungano. L’Europa prende tempo per cercare degli accordi che non mettano a repentaglio le esportazioni, soprattutto tedesche, verso gli Stati Uniti.