International Trade

Chinese International Trade by Prof. Geraci

South Asian nations are more likely to support America as long as it supports peace and free trade.China has announced a 20% increase in import from Asian countries, however, the outcome was not promising. With the transform from manufacturing to consumption country of China, Asian countries are unlikely to sell their raw materials easily like before. Additionally, with devaluing RMB and tightening capital policy, Chinese import is restricted. Therefore, they still prefer America as long as it sustains its policy and trade.
Geraci on CCTV Dialogue calls for a European Union to stick to economic cooperation only and to re-think grand plans for momentary and political integration. That is break up of the Euro. He also hopes that Angela Merkel loses elections next year. Today,Pope Francesco proclaimed the International Day of Peace and Geraci reminded CCTV audience that the life of an Italian, a German, a Chinese are all equally worthy regardless of religion, colour and nationalitynglish language.
Geraci was interviewed by Agi China 24 Radio. He said the city of Hangzhou was undergoing a major infrastructure work during the G20. It has penalized the citizens in the short terms with many factories and retail shops being closed, sometimes with very little compensation for the owners. This is the negative impact in the short term. But in the long term, the infrastructure of the city has been improved. The citizens could start to enjoy better connectivity and better underground lines. The area around the west lake also has been further embellished. So overall, the G20 brought the city of Hangzhou short term pains but long term gains. Click to listen the full Radio (Italian).


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