Comments made by prof Geraci as well as editorials about China

The main problem that the world faces today is that the West sees China as a world economic power, which is true if we look at aggregate figures of GDP. However, China, while being an important, key player in the world economy, is comprised of people whose income per capita is very low by European standards. We are analyzing how to include Italian ports as the western terminal of the new Silk Road for international shipments. Our northern ports are right in the middle of Europe, and our southern ports are essential for the development of Mediterranean and African economies.
Today, the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is in Sicily to visit secure centres for refugees, in order to understand what kind of initiatives the government should implement and carry on in the next months. How can we stabilise migratory flows from Africa? China, I think represents one possible solution.
An interview extract for Radioradicale (28 May 2018), in which I talk about issues related to recent Italian politics, spread, debt-to-GDP ratio, and Chinese economy.
27 out of 28 EU ambassadors criticize the "New Silk Road" initiative (yi dai yi lu 一带 一路) because they believe it is a project aimed at opening new markets for China to reduce its overproduction.
We continue the discussion on the China Manufacturing 2025 program, the great industrial plan that China put in place in 2015, and by recalling what the plan consists of and what are the possible challenges and opportunities for Western companies.
What does China have to do with the Universal Basic Income (UBI)? A lot! And it directly concerns us in Italy and Europe. The unparalleled expansion of the Chinese economy and the advancing globalization launch challenges that have to make us reflect on how to deal with this double tsunami.
Today, we talk about the internationalization of the Renminbi. This issue must be well understood because it is intrinsically linked to the trade war between China, the United States and the European Union, the latter not currently involved directly. Mu comment to an article written by Masciandaro on "Il Sole 24 Ore."
"The recent escalation of tariffs between China and the United States highlights a fundamental question: the World Trade Organization has not been established nor does it have the tools to manage an economy like the Chinese one, which produces half of everything that is consumed in the world. " My brief comment from "Il Foglio."