Comments made by prof Geraci as well as editorials about China

The new tariffs imposed by China on the United States also concern Italy, especially the luxury sector, the manufacturing industry and the agri-food sector. For this reason, it is important to know which products have been affected and to what extent. The article provides some useful information and data on the recent tariffs.
Apply tariffs or not? A throughout analysis of what it means economic liberalism today and what kind of consequences can an uncontrolled opening-up to foreign trades cause to the domestic economy. More control on import tariffs also means more control on the domestic job market.
Let’s continue the analysis of the duties that Trump has imposed on steel imported from China and how China intends to respond, using numbers to assess the actual impact, beyond the rhetoric and diplomacy.
Italian newspaper "Il Foglio" has discussed a politicized version of the debate between "More Europe or Less Europe? More free market or more protectionism?" quoting Salvini and Di Maio, the leaders of League and Five Star Movement. Here is my opinion.
The saga between Tesla and the Chinese government is indicative of the balance of power between a country that has built its economic success on the control of tariffs and investments, and an innovative company in the new energy vehicle industry that tries to penetrate the Chinese market.
What is perceived as a strong point in Brussels - is the fact that so many countries have formed a single market - is instead exploited by China, and rightly so to its advantage, and thus becomes a point of weakness of the Union itself.
China arctic strategy. What is the official Italian policy regarding the Arctic? The Mediterranean that risks being closed to the north by these new Arctic routes and to the south by the growing importance that Africa has in the eyes of China.
Is it possible that there are ways of cooperation between the various countries of the European Union that are different and perhaps better than those in force today? The answer to this question is an obvious "Yes sure".