Comments made by prof Geraci as well as editorials about China

The people of Italy have rejected the proposed changes in the Constitution by a large margin. The Prime Mister, Renzi, the main supporter of this reform has been defeated and has resigned. The two alternative parties, the Northern League and the Five Star Movement are now in a much more favorable position to launch a new referendum that would ask Italian people whether they wish to remain in the Eurozone.
Sunday, the people of Italy will cast their vote for the Constitutional referendum. It is not a referendum about staying or leaving the European Union, as some Chinese media have incorrectly reported recently. If Italians vote “Yes”, the constitution will be changed. If the vote “No”, it stays as it is. The actual content of the constitutional reforms is quite complex and involves changing about one third of the articles of the constitution.
If ‘unity from the bottom’ is not working, Trump should try ‘Unity from the Top’ by trying to involve top members of the Democratic Party in his team. Like in Dante’s Divine Commedy, where the souls of the dead are arranged in concentric circles, according to their degree of beatification, so Trump needs to build his team in a similar fashion.
Geraci, controversially, had anticipated Trumps victory. Is this good news for China or bad news? Geraci reassures that in fact, Trump’s victory is marginally good news for China because US will need to collaborate with China for improving their domestic infrastructure.
Geraci on IlSole/Radiocor plays down China's interests for US election outcome:“No matter who wins, China will continue on its own path - a difficult one - towards innovation and high end manufacturing. Paradoxically, should Trump take the White House and really impose restrictions on Chinese imports, this would only accelerate China's transformation.”
It is China's another attempt to enhance its soft power, to be perceived as a responsible player in the international community and to take centre stage when it comes to the global economy. Indeed, China’s goals for the G20 are a greater international focus on sustainable and inclusive development for all sections of the world’s population.