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Press interviews to Prof. Geraci talking about Chinese economy and society

Una specie di 500 di quattro posti stretti che fa solo 100km/h e con autonomia limitata prodotta dalla cinese SAIC, prezzo $3,200-$5,000 vende il doppio delle Tesla Model 3 che costa $39,000, praticamente 10 volte di più. Ecco il trucco che la Cina riesce sempre a fare: trasformare la quantità in qualità....
The polarization theory says that wage growth occurs both for the highest and lowest income brackets, but with the simultaneous decrease in wages for the middle class. Unfortunately, the reality is worse. This study by Daniel Oesch, Giorgio Piccitto, belies...
The Financial Times today comments on the difficult beginning, or re-start, of the negotiations between the UK and the European Union in anticipation of the Brexit, in this article. Here are my comments:
Questo documento rappresenta il bilancio delle attività che ho svolto durante il mio anno al governo come sottosegretario al MiSe con delega per la promozione export e attrazione investimenti. Vengono descritte le azioni da me portate avanti ed ha...
As we are in Japan to participate in the G20 Trade & Digital Economy, Toyota announces agreement with the China’s CATL as well as BYD for the supply of electric batteries, aiming to achieve sales of 5.5mn electric cars by 2025, 5 years ahead of schedule (2030). Here are my comments:
Xi visit to Palermo, if confirmed, will be a major historic event for the relations between China and Sicily.
The main problem that the world faces today is that the West sees China as a world economic power, which is true if we look at aggregate figures of GDP. However, China, while being an important, key player in the world economy, is comprised of people whose income per capita is very low by European standards. We are analyzing how to include Italian ports as the western terminal of the new Silk Road for international shipments. Our northern ports are right in the middle of Europe, and our southern ports are essential for the development of Mediterranean and African economies.
In these two short videos, I illustrate, in a very practical way, how to be able to attract productive investments from China and, at the same time, limit predatory take-overs. My vision is based on the fundamental difference that exists between take-overs of existing companies and green-fields operations.