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Press interviews to Prof. Geraci talking about Chinese economy and society

In the last forty years, China has achieved an unprecedented economic and social success. This success is based on 5 main pillars that we, in Italy and Europe, should study well to understand the challenges and opportunities that China presents to us.
The article written by Danilo Taino on Corriere della Sera repeats the same topics I've already treated in the past: the European Union is beginning to wake up from the torpor and it's starting to understand that China has a model of economic development with which the EU cannot compete.
27 out of 28 EU ambassadors criticize the "New Silk Road" initiative (yi dai yi lu 一带 一路) because they believe it is a project aimed at opening new markets for China to reduce its overproduction.
What does China have to do with the Universal Basic Income (UBI)? A lot! And it directly concerns us in Italy and Europe. The unparalleled expansion of the Chinese economy and the advancing globalization launch challenges that have to make us reflect on how to deal with this double tsunami.
Yesterday, Thursday 12th April, I was the guest live from Beijing on Agorà program, RaiTre, conducted by Serena Bertone. The main topics discussed were: the formation of the new government, the agreement between the parties and their political programs.
Today, we talk about the internationalization of the Renminbi. This issue must be well understood because it is intrinsically linked to the trade war between China, the United States and the European Union, the latter not currently involved directly. Mu comment to an article written by Masciandaro on "Il Sole 24 Ore."
"The recent escalation of tariffs between China and the United States highlights a fundamental question: the World Trade Organization has not been established nor does it have the tools to manage an economy like the Chinese one, which produces half of everything that is consumed in the world. " My brief comment from "Il Foglio."
The new tariffs imposed by China on the United States also concern Italy, especially the luxury sector, the manufacturing industry and the agri-food sector. For this reason, it is important to know which products have been affected and to what extent. The article provides some useful information and data on the recent tariffs.