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 From the economic reforms of 1978 to the present day, that is in just over 40 years, China has lifted from extreme poverty over 850 million people, 770 of whom live in rural areas. This is a huge figure,...
 Welcome to all the viewers and all the viewers of Class CNBC, we are ready for a new episode of our special Class CNBC, dedicated in particular to China. We’re going live to Shanghai to Professor Michele Geraci, professor of...
For the first time, China did not give 5 year GDP forecast. Why? I believe this is due to two factors. Here they are
Is China raising or simply taking back the role that it has always had? How can the West understand and face this reality? With Biden there will be less focus on trade balances, hence good for EU and Italy which enjoy a surplus with the US. However...
Parlo di sfide e opportunità che la #Cina ci presenta, direttamente dalla mia bocca, onde evitare "fraintendimenti" dei media
On Indus News I said that "People in government don't understand exponential dynamics" and expressed my concern for the tourism, fashion and of course manufacturing.
I tempi sull’imposizione dei dazi su acciaio ed alluminio importati in America dagli Stati Europei si allungano. L’Europa prende tempo per cercare degli accordi che non mettano a repentaglio le esportazioni, soprattutto tedesche, verso gli Stati Uniti.