China-EU Relationship

Discussion and analyss on the relationship betwee China and Europe.

During the China International Import Expo 2019 in Shanghai, I talked about the Italy and China trade relationship on Caixin one of the leading media in China. Here are my key points for the interview: 1) Although Italy and China manufacturing overlap with a high degree of 60%, more cooperation of the complementary 40% will bring opportunities in trade; 2) Chinese companies should do more greenfield investment in Italy to balance the nature of investment flows, which is skewed too much towards M&A. 3) Focus on cross-cultural exchanges. Language and cultural barrier causes cognitive barriers between Italy and China which then lead to missing business opportunities. More knowledge means lower risks and higher propensity to invest. After all, Italia and Chinese culture are very similar, especially with Southern Italy (Trust me on this!)
My speech at the 85th Anniversary of Ispi institute in Milan: 1) what are the redistributive effects of free trade; 2) why I insisted so much for the signing of MoU on BRI; 3) which is the dominating theory, Krugman or Ricardo?
Built by Ficantieri at its Monfalcone shipyard, she will offer Chinese clients the best of Italy, strengthening Costa's leadership in China. The ship is part of an expansion plan that includes 7 new ships arriving for the Costa Group by 2023, with an investment of over 6 billion euros.
Interview on RadioRadicale, together with Valeria Manieri, Francesco Radicioni and Eugenio Buzzetti. What is the future of the "trade war" between China-US? and what are the prospects for the EU? Why will China reach us in a few years? What should Italy aim for? Here are some answers...
The article written by Danilo Taino on Corriere della Sera repeats the same topics I've already treated in the past: the European Union is beginning to wake up from the torpor and it's starting to understand that China has a model of economic development with which the EU cannot compete.
27 out of 28 EU ambassadors criticize the "New Silk Road" initiative (yi dai yi lu 一带 一路) because they believe it is a project aimed at opening new markets for China to reduce its overproduction.
Project Transaqua is under way, the pilot project of a possible win-win cooperation between Italy and China in Africa, within the Belt and Road Initiative. An example to study for our policy makers and companies on how, on the...
Apply tariffs or not? A throughout analysis of what it means economic liberalism today and what kind of consequences can an uncontrolled opening-up to foreign trades cause to the domestic economy. More control on import tariffs also means more control on the domestic job market.