di Michele Geraci * (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) - Milano, 31 lug - Durante la recente audizione della Commissioni riunite Bilancio di Camera e Senato, il senatore Alberto Bagnai della Lega ha chiesto al Ministro delle Finanze,...
di Michele Geraci * (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) - Milano, 17 lug - Mentre gli Stati Uniti fanno la voce grossa con Pechino, la Cina registra un aumento del Pil del 3,2% nel secondo trimestre 2020 e,...
Regardless of their scientific soundness, COVID-19 recommendations from political leaders such as President Trump are taken seriously by followers. In Brazil, President Bolsonaro has publicly flaunted social distancing measures and downplayed the seriousness of the disease in at least two well-publicised instances. This column analyses the effects of Bolsonaro’s actions and speeches
On Indus News I said that "People in government don't understand exponential dynamics" and expressed my concern for the tourism, fashion and of course manufacturing.
Prof Geraci on BBC World: "When the EU wants to prove its value, it needs to do something that, countries alone cannot do by themselves"
An interview extract for Radioradicale (28 May 2018), in which I talk about issues related to recent Italian politics, spread, debt-to-GDP ratio, and Chinese economy.
I was invited to CCTV "Dialogue" program to discuss political and economic reforms in China. The topics discussed: the China-USA relationships, the differences between the Chinese and Italian government, and the Chinese program for poverty reduction.
On Italian TV, TgCom24, we talked about the constitution change in China. Electoral Democracy or Good Government? In this brief article, a summary of the main topics discussed.