China Manufacturing 2025

The shift in the world’s centre of gravity to the Indo-Pacific started years ago, but the pandemic is accelerating it. As EU, we need to look at the consequences in geo-political and geo-economic terms and define our approach to the Indo-Pacific. We have a big stake in the region and should do our part to keep the regional order open and rules-based.
Financial collapse of Wuhan Hongxin Semiconductor Manufacturing (WHSM) which was supposed to produce semiconductors with 7nm and 14nm technology, coincidentally in Wuhan. Business magazine Caixin in the headline reports the news as a setback in China's race to bridge...
Una specie di 500 di quattro posti stretti che fa solo 100km/h e con autonomia limitata prodotta dalla cinese SAIC, prezzo $3,200-$5,000 vende il doppio delle Tesla Model 3 che costa $39,000, praticamente 10 volte di più. Ecco il trucco che la Cina riesce sempre a fare: trasformare la quantità in qualità....
The US is ‘one or two years ahead of China, not five or 10’ and ‘the Chinese are well ahead in areas like face recognition
Parlo di sfide e opportunità che la #Cina ci presenta, direttamente dalla mia bocca, onde evitare "fraintendimenti" dei media
We continue the discussion on the China Manufacturing 2025 program, the great industrial plan that China put in place in 2015, and by recalling what the plan consists of and what are the possible challenges and opportunities for Western companies.