AIIB - Silk Road

AIIB/Silk Road according to Prof. Geraci

The shift in the world’s centre of gravity to the Indo-Pacific started years ago, but the pandemic is accelerating it. As EU, we need to look at the consequences in geo-political and geo-economic terms and define our approach to the Indo-Pacific. We have a big stake in the region and should do our part to keep the regional order open and rules-based.
Parlo di sfide e opportunità che la #Cina ci presenta, direttamente dalla mia bocca, onde evitare "fraintendimenti" dei media
di Michele Geraci * (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) - Milano, 17 lug - Mentre gli Stati Uniti fanno la voce grossa con Pechino, la Cina registra un aumento del Pil del 3,2% nel secondo trimestre 2020 e,...
The main problem that the world faces today is that the West sees China as a world economic power, which is true if we look at aggregate figures of GDP. However, China, while being an important, key player in the world economy, is comprised of people whose income per capita is very low by European standards. We are analyzing how to include Italian ports as the western terminal of the new Silk Road for international shipments. Our northern ports are right in the middle of Europe, and our southern ports are essential for the development of Mediterranean and African economies.
Project Transaqua is under way, the pilot project of a possible win-win cooperation between Italy and China in Africa, within the Belt and Road Initiative. An example to study for our policy makers and companies on how, on the...
China arctic strategy. What is the official Italian policy regarding the Arctic? The Mediterranean that risks being closed to the north by these new Arctic routes and to the south by the growing importance that Africa has in the eyes of China.
When will the Arctic routes be feasible? How short is the distance along the Arctic? In addition to the sea, what's in the Arctic?
Geraci attended China Financial Summit 2017 conference, today in Beijing. In his speech, he said Foreign investors are a little reluctant to invest in the Chinese market especially A-Shares for many reasons. Geraci also believes that Chinese interest rates are not high enough to compensate for risk. Moreover, he thinks it is more difficult for China to export its infrastructure model to foreign countries because foreign governments have no control over infrastructure development.