China represents the problem but also the solution to the drama of environmental pollution. However, we will only be able to get out of harm's way when we stop pointing fingers and really start cooperating. Environment and an analysis...
 This year's forum was be held virtually. Below is a list of panels and speeches planned throughout the morning. A China Agenda for the Biden Administration Moderator Sarwar Kashmeri FPA Fellow and author of “The Telegram: A China Agenda For President Biden” Panelists Michele...
 In this interview for CGTN Europe, the point on current relations between China and the US, analyzing distances to be bridged and points in common to be reached by both powers. PLEASE NOTE The full video is available on YouTube channel.
 In the third episode of Cargo on Class CNBC, an in-depth look at the issues concerning the Winter Olympics that will take place in Beijing in 2022, 100 days before the inauguration ceremony. PLEASE NOTE Complete interview is online on
The weak growth of Chinese GDP in the third quarter (+ 4.9%) was received negatively by many analysts who attributed the cause to the concomitant crises in the real estate and energy sectors. I share the concerns, but one...
 The new data on falling GDP in China certainly does not give positive indications on the current economic situation. Let's take a look at some datas. NOTA BENE Complete interview is online on
 In the live broadcast on Class CNBC an analysis of the situation in China with particular focus on the giant Evergrande and the consequences for the world economy. NOTA BENE Complete interview is online on
 In this video today I want to show you how to access a hotel in China following the new anti-Covid regulations. Mandatory swab and no vaccine required. PLEASE NOTE The full video is available on my YouTube channel.