The victory of Donald Trump leaves Obama’s “pivot to Asia” policy in question


China-USGeraci told Sputnik radio that the victory of Donald Trump leaves Obama’s “pivot to Asia” policy in question. It seems safe to describe the mass upswell of support for the unconventional Trump as a loud cry to change business as usual. Geraci said that the Chinese consider Trump as a pragmatic businessman they can work with. “He’s probably the better person they can deal with: more strength and more down to business than Clinton. At least Trump is little bit more direct and so easier to deal with.” However, on the issue of trade, Chinese are wary on some of the protectionist rhetoric Trump has used during his campaign. But Geraci believes Trump won’t put too high tariffs for China. “Many of the products made in China are actually run by US companies, they have outsourced production. So he [Trump] has to be very careful.”

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