Is having the Italian Government of any use?


The current crisis is not only health or economic which, however serious, I hope will pass. Rather, our country is showing its weaker side, that of an institutional system that does not seem able to offer solutions to the problems of this century. A system that, mindful of the past, in the balance between representativeness and competence, tends towards the first, a choice that can be accepted when governments are stable, which is no longer the case today. So that the cabinet often finds itself without skills in the matters of his ministry, without any managerial experience, without a vision and without courage.

The cause of this can be traced to the bad quality of the social and cultural debate, mostly made of by slogans and rarely by analysis, the haste to speak before thinking, most of the media chasing quantity rather than quality, with the best young people who, rightly, they leave the Italy, thus lowering the average quality of the country: an inverse Darwinian process, the regression of the species. To change these trends it will take time, which unfortunately we no longer have. I fear we will be condemned to irrelevance, unless there is a sudden change in the coming days, which is still not visible.

Link to my full article can be found at MilanoFinanza website.


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