What are the benefits of EU’s digital agenda? Let’s look together at what Mrs Vestager says


Things get done when there is simultaneous political will and economic interests. Today, for the first time, it seems that there are both in the EU. A good chance

Let’s analyze together the comment of the EU Commissioners Vestager and Borrell on the digital agenda of the European Union. First of all, I notice that the political push to make investments in technology is growing and this is good news for the European Union and in particular for Italy which is far, very far behind in the development of technologies. This year, thanks to Covid, perhaps we can make that change of pace. But, there are some gray areas.

The points discussed are:

  • Technology and Democracy
  • Ensure access to all businesses
  • Alliance with other countries that share values How to manage the use of technologies but not for evil purposes, for example not to be used against dissidents
  • Combat the use of technology by authoritarian regimes
  • Cyber ​​security

For each, however, there are unclear sides.

Here is the link to the complete article, published on Project-Syndicate (in English)



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