China doubling annual installations of wind turbines in 2020


As widely anticipated, China is serious about becoming Green and achieving its carbon neutrality goal by 2060. In 2020 alone, China installed wind turbines for 52 GW of power, for a total of 288 GW. Europe has installed 15 GW in the last year, about 1/3 of China.

In the same year, China broke the world record for most of the installed wind capacity in a single year with 52 GW of new capacity, twice the country’s annual installations compared to the previous year. At this rate, the forecasts for 2021-2030 clearly suggest who will be the winner. In total, nearly 56 GW of new wind capacity were installed in the Asia-Pacific region in 2020, with an annual 78% increase.

The Asia-Pacific region is increasingly driving the growth of the global wind industry, with the region accounting for 60% of all new wind capacity in 2020. The total wind power capacity in Asia Pacific is now almost 347 GW, making it the region with the largest wind power capacity in the world and helping to avoid 510 million tonnes of C02 emissions per year, equivalent to take 110 million cars off the road.

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