Taxi trip in Shenzhen: discovering a completely electric mobility


Today I’m in Shenzhen city in southern China. Shenzhen is one of the most populated city in the country, located in a tropical zone rich in greenery.

In Shenzhen both buses and taxis have a fully battery powered, not hybrid but 100% electric.

In this highly populated city there are about 30000 taxis out of a population of about 13 million people.

I had a pleasant chat with the taxi driver who drove me to the hotel.

The taxi driver in question reaches about 250 km per day for a cost of 50 renminbi.

The charging times of the vehicle are about an hour and a half for a full recharge, full charging allows you to complete 400 Km. So the taxi driver to be able to cover his daily route just a daily recharge of about an hour.

The taxi driver is obviously very happy, because the recharge is short and with a few runs it already totally pays the cost of charging. For example I paid 35 renminbi to get from the station to the hotel (about 10 km).

With this system, rides are not expensive for those who take a taxi, and you can respect the environment and cut the costs of eco-sustainability. In addition, many drivers declare that driving an electric vehicle without clutch and gearbox also has a minor impact on physical effort.


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