Belt and Road, I explain why Italy cannot miss this oppurtunity


In this interview I will explain my opinion on the Belt and Road initiative and the benefits it can bring to the Italian economy.


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Welcome to our live with you Mr. Geraci

Thank you! I am happy to be here for the third time at the Boao Summit.

You pay much attention on accelerating Italy to be part of One Belt, One Road initiative and what do you think to One Belt, One Road can bring to development of Italy? Even to the all Europe.

The development of Belt and Road initiative is aimed at trying to faster trade and investment between Italy, China but also, investment in other countries. So there are many ways to bring benefits, I think from my point of view, more importantly is to stimulate Italian investment into China. This is what we also want to do. We want to have Italian companies coming to China, into the rest of Asia

What areas are eligible for this cooperation?

Hainan is very attractive place with new policies and will be very interesting for companies as I said before would like invest here. I think cooperation specify to Hainan relate to some manufacturing product that can be exported from Italy into the Hainan Island, probably with very low taxes, and then this product can be exported in other parts of China The free trade on the Hainan is setting up, I think the Italian fashion goods could be a benefit and I hope Hainan consumers will enjoy as well.


  • Former Minister of Economic Development of Italy, Michele Geraci, guest of “High-end Interview”: Take the “Belt and Road” express train to share the free trade port construction opportunity –


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