Trento Film Festival – Women of Extreme Lands


“Women of extreme lands” is a human research path dedicated to the reality of the female world that the Author has met in regions of the Earth considered geographically extreme. Women and places on the edge. In the desert depression of the Ethiopian Dancalia, in the inaccessible island of Socotra (Yemen), on the remote highlands of western Mongolia, on the border with Siberia. It wants to be a witness of the cohesion of the female world, of an unspoken “social pact” that exists among all women and that represents the solid foundations of these unknown or forgotten societies. A message to continue to reflect on the condition of women, on the imbalances and disruptions that even in the societies of widespread well-being, not only in the extreme ones, still make it difficult for the social affirmation of women.

Trento Film Festival is one of the oldest Italian film festivals still in operation. It opened in 1952 on the initiative of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) and the Municipality of Trento. It deals with cinema dealing with issues of mountain, exploration, mountaineering, mountain culture, environment and alongside the competition meetings with the international mountaineering world. The 69 edition of the festival (35th edition of Montagnalibri) will be held in Piazza Duomo (Trento) from 9 to 13 June.


Donne di terre estreme – Caterina Borgato –


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