European leaders’ New Year speeches restate their opinions about EU


EU leadersHollande said: “France is open to the world, France belongs to European. We can’t imagine our country back to the single currency, and fuel discrimination. This will not be France, this is a critical juncture“. This statement is also aimed against right wing presidential candidate, Le Pen.

Theresa May called for unity in the country and said that “ambition will unite us.” May reiterated that she would also seek to meet all the needs of the European program, not only to meet the people who support exit Europe. Quite a balanced approach.

I believe that Europe is at a true cross road: politicians need to pay more attention to citizens views and not just pretend like they have done for decades. The economic situation in Europe and the lack of serious development policies do not fear well for incumbent parties. The EU must undergo a deep reorganization and redefinition of its mission, probably by slowing down integration rather than moving ahead blindly.


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