Premier Li on the CPPCC published the Government Work Report


Premier Li on the CPPCC published the Government Work Report, setting the key growth target for 2017. GDP growth target is expected to be 6.5%, government deficit target to be 3%, CPI to be 3%., and the unemployment rate to be 4.5%.
Last year, the GDP growth rate was 6.7%, with total GDP reached 74.4 trillion yuan. CPI increased by 2%. Industrial profitability turned positive from -2.3% in 2015 to 8.4% in 2016.  Li pointed out this industrial increase is a perfect result of supply-side reform. New energy is also contributing to making impact on development. The government deficit target is still 3% in 2017, the same as that in 2016. Li emphasise that this is to stimulate tax shield and release the tax burden. Urban area will open 11 million new occupations to decrease the unemployment rate to 4.5%.

My comment:

Given that CPI expectation is going to be around 3%, it will be interesting to see, at the end of 2017, if the GDP deflator will, indeed, be roughly +3%, or – as it has been in recent times – a negative figure that will push real growth higher than nominal growth.

Below is the key point of Li’s speech

Review of work in 2016

  1. Stabilized economy growth. GDP reached 74.4 trillion, an 6.7% growth rate. Industrial profit turned positive to 8.5%.
  2. Employment growth exceeded expectations. Last year there were 13.14 million new urban employment.
  3. Deepening reform and opening up.
  4. People’s living standards continue to improve. National per capita disposable income increased by 6.3%.

2017 Target

  1. GDP growth rate at 6.5%
  2. Inflation at 3%
  3. Unemployment rate at 4.5%. New urban occupation 11 million.
  4. Release tax burden at 350 billion.
  5. Reduce poverty by 10 million.

2017 Most Important Work

  1. Deleverage: reduce steel capacity by 50 million tons, and reduce coal capacity by 150 million tons
  2. Destock: stimulate citizens from tier three and tier four cities to purchase houses; increase land supply in cities with high house prices.
  3. Reduce cost: SME 50% tax shield; reduce non-tax burden
  4. SOE reform: make progress in electricity and oil industries
  5. Investment: invest 800 billion Yuan in railway construction; invest 1.8 trillion Yuan in highway and water transportation
  6. Consumption: stimulate e-commerce in rural areas
  7. Innovation: make progress in artificial intelligence, 5G and new materials



Below is the full text of Li’s speech(Google translation)

Review of work in 2016

  1. The stabilization of the economy in slow, steady for the better. GDP reached 74 trillion and 400 billion yuan, an increase of 6.7%, among the highest in the world, the contribution to global economic growth rate of over 30%. Consumer prices rose 2%. The profits of industrial enterprises decreased by 2.3% from the previous year to an increase of 8.5%, and the energy consumption per unit of GDP fell by 5%.
  2. Employment growth exceeded expectations. New urban employment 13 million 140 thousand. The number of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship. At the end of the year the registered urban unemployment rate of 4.02%, the lowest for many years. More than 1 billion 300 million the development of large population, employment is relatively full.
  3. Deepening reform and opening up. Breakthroughs in key areas and key aspects of reform, structural reform of the supply side initial results. The opening to launch new initiatives, “in The Belt and Road construction fast, a number of major projects and international cooperation projects landing capacity
  4. Accelerate economic restructuring. Consumption plays a major role in economic growth. Value added services accounted for the proportion of GDP rose to 51.6%. Rapid growth of high-tech industry and equipment manufacturing industry. The agricultural steady tuning, grain harvest
  5. Development of new momentum continues to increase. Implementation of innovation driven development strategy. The field of science and technology to achieve a number of international leading achievements. Booming emerging industries, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Public entrepreneurship, innovation is widely carried out, 24.5% newly registered enterprises growth throughout the year, the average daily increase of 15 thousand, and individual industrial and commercial households, 45 thousand new types of market players every day. New momentum is supporting the development of new horizons
  6. Infrastructure support capabilities continue to improve. High speed railway mileage of more than 1900 km, the new highway reconstruction of more than 6 thousand and 700 km, rural roads, 290 thousand km. Construction of urban rail transit and underground comprehensive pipe gallery. New major water conservancy projects 21. Fourth new generation of mobile communications users, optical cable line about 5500000 km, 340 million
  7. People’s living standards continue to improve. National per capita disposable income increased by 6.3%. Poor rural population decreased by 12 million 400 thousand, the relocation of poverty alleviation population of more than 2 million 400 thousand. Housing shantytowns about 6000000 sets, about 3800000 rural reconstruction. The rapid growth of domestic tourism, outbound tourism more than 120 million passengers, the living standards of urban and rural residents have improved

We accomplished the following in our work last year


  1. First, continue to innovate and strengthen imacro-control, economc operation in a reasonable range. Last year, the macro-control face difficult choices, we insist on not flood irrigation type strong stimulation, but to rely on reform and innovation to steady growth, structural adjustment, in the interval on the basis of the regulation, strengthen the directional control, camera control. Active fiscal policy, the increase in the deficit is mainly used for tax cuts. Full swing camp changed to increase the pilot, the annual reduction in corporate tax burden of about 570000000000 yuan, the tax burden is not only to increase the tax increase in all industries. The implementation of the central and local value-added tax income transition program to ensure that the local financial resources unchanged. Expand the size of the replacement of local government debt stock, reduce interest burden of about 400 billion yuan. Prudent monetary policy flexibility moderate, broad money M2 growth of 11.3%, below the expected target of about 13%. Comprehensive use of various monetary policy tools to support the development of the real economy. Implement measures to promote consumption upgrading. The introduction of policies to encourage private investment, investment stabilization trend. Classification regulation of the real estate market. Strengthen the prevention and control of financial risks, the RMB exchange rate formation mechanism to further improve and maintain a reasonable and balanced level of basic stability, safeguarding the national economic and financial security


The two is to focus on the “three to one down”, the supply -side reform structure has improved. Iron and steel, coal industry to focus on production capacity, annual production capacity of more than 65 million tons of steel, coal production capacity of more than 2.9 tons, exceeding the annual target task, the diversion of workers to get a better placement. Migrant workers to support the purchase of houses in the town, improve the proportion of money to change the proportion of housing, real estate stocks to achieve positive results. To promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises, the development of direct financing, the implementation of market legalization of debt, asset liability ratio decline in industrial enterprises. Focus on promoting enterprises to reduce the cost and introduce tax reducing fees, reduce the “five social insurance and one housing fund” down payment ratio, electricity prices and other initiatives. With big short board efforts to do a number of immediate and long-term benefits of the event.


Three is to deepen reform and opening up, further enhance the vitality of development. Comprehensive deepening of reform, the introduction of a number of landmark, pillar reform initiatives. Centering on handling the relationship between government and the market in the economic system reform, continue to promote decentralization, put the tube combination, optimize service reform. Based on the early completion of the government to reduce the administrative approval items 1/3 goals, last year and the cancellation of 165 departments of the State Council approval and implementation of the designated place, clean up and standardize the 192 approval intermediary service matters, the 220 occupation qualification license approval. Deepen the reform of commercial system. The full implementation of the “double random, open, and enhance the effectiveness of the matter in the post regulation, to promote the” Internet plus government services”. To promote the restructuring and reorganization of state-owned enterprises and mixed ownership reform. Establish fair competition review system. Deepening the reform of resource tax. Improve the rural land “three rights” approach, the establishment of poverty exit mechanism. We will promote the reform of the management system of science and technology, expand the autonomy of universities and research institutes, and introduce a distribution policy to increase the value of knowledge. Liberalization of pension services market. Expand the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, deepen the reform of medical equipment examination and approval system reform. To develop the natural resources to carry out unified registration, below the provincial Environmental Protection Agency monitoring the supervision and enforcement of vertical management, land fallow rotation reform pilot, full implementation of long river system, perfecting the compensation mechanism of ecological protection. Reform has added new impetus to economic and social development


Actively expand opening to the outside world. To promote the “The Belt and Road construction, strengthen strategic docking and pragmatic cooperation with countries along. RMB into the International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Rights currency basket. Shenzhen Tong open. Perfect measures to promote the development of foreign trade, the new 12 cross-border e-commerce pilot area, import and export gradually stabilized. Promote the reform and innovation of Shanghai FTA test area, 7 new FTA test area. In addition to the implementation of a number of Special Administrative Measures in the field of foreign investment, the establishment and change of foreign-funded enterprises will be changed from filing to record management. The actual use of foreign investment $about 130000000000, continues to rank first in developing countries


Four is to strengthen innovation lead, the new momentum of rapid growth. To further promote the “Internet plus” and the national data strategy, the full implementation of “2025” Chinese manufacturing, and improve the implementation of the “double” policy measures. Start the deployment of major projects for science and technology innovation in 2030 to support the construction of Beijing, Shanghai science and technology innovation center with global influence, the new 6 national innovation demonstration zone. Domestic invention patents have exceeded 1 million, the volume of more than $1 trillion Technology transactions. Science and technology progress contribution rate rose to 56.2%, the role of innovation to support the development of significantly enhanced


Five is to promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, the new growth pole to accelerate the formation of growth zone. The in-depth implementation of the “The Belt and Road” construction, the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River economic belt development strategy three, a number of key projects to start construction. Preparation of western development “13th Five-Year” plan, the implementation of a new round of the Northeast Revitalization Strategy, promote the rise of the central region and support the eastern region to lead the development of. Accelerate the new urbanization, deepen the reform of the household registration system, the full implementation of the residence permit system, there are 16 million people settled in the city. The synergistic effect of the development of superposition


Overall work in 2017

The main targets for this year’s development are: GDP growth of around 6.5%, strive for better results in actual work; consumer prices rose about 3%; more than 11 million new urban jobs, the registered urban unemployment rate is less than 4.5%; the import and export of stabilized for the better, international payments balance; residents’ income and economic growth basic synchronization; energy consumption unit of GDP fell more than 3.4%, the main pollutant emissions continue to decline


This year we will continue to implement a proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy, in the interval on the basis of the regulation to strengthen the directional control, camera control, improve predictability, accuracy and effectiveness, coordination on consumption, investment, regional, industrial and environmental policies, to ensure economic operation in a reasonable range


Fiscal policy should be more active and effective. This year the deficit rate to be arranged by 3%, the deficit of $2 trillion and 380 billion, an increase of $200 billion over last year. Among them, the central fiscal deficit 1 trillion and 550 billion yuan, local fiscal deficit of $830 billion. Arrangements for local special bonds 800 billion yuan, continue to issue local government replacement bonds. This year the deficit rate remained unchanged, is further tax cuts down costs in order to reduce the corporate tax burden, the annual 350 billion yuan, Sheqi fee of about 200 billion yuan, must let the market with personal feelings. Budget to focus, to maintain pressure, increase efforts to make up the short board, improve people’s livelihood. The scale of local general transfer payments increased by 9.5%, focusing on increasing the transfer of equilibrium and financial assistance in difficult areas. Compression of non key expenditure, reduce the performance of the project budget is not high. Governments at all levels should continue to tighten, the central departments should take the lead, all by not less than 5% of the amplitude of general expenses Yajian, must not be allowed to increase the three funds, squeeze more money for tax cuts down costs, adhere to the sector in the right way


Monetary policy to maintain a stable neutral. This year, the balance of broad money M2 and social financing scale is expected to grow about 12%. To the integrated use of monetary policy tools to maintain liquidity stable, reasonable guide market interest rate level, clear transmission mechanism, promote the financial resource flows to the real economy more, especially to support the “three rural” and Small and micro businesses. Adhere to the market-oriented reform of the exchange rate, to maintain the stability of the RMB in the global monetary system


Do a good job in this year’s government work, to grasp the following points


One is to carry out the general work guideline while maintaining stability, maintain strategic concentration. Stability is the overall situation, we should focus on steady growth, employment protection, anti risk, hold the bottom line of financial security, livelihood security, environmental protection, etc., to ensure the stability of the overall economic and social situation. In the premise of stability to enterprising spirit, to further promote the reform, speed up structural adjustment, dare to bite bones, and strive to achieve new progress in key areas


Two is to promote the supply side structural reform as the main line. To improve the supply side structure as the main direction, through streamlining tax cuts, broaden access, encourage innovation, continue to stimulate the vitality of the micro body, reduce the invalid supply, expand the effective supply and demand better adapt and guide. This is a process of transformation and upgrading of pupate into a butterfly, which is full of promise and painful, is very urgent and arduous and complicated. To move forward firmly through the barrier


Three is to expand the aggregate demand and improve the effectiveness of. I need a huge domestic potential, expanding domestic demand is necessary and possible, the key is to identify the force point. To focus on improving people’s livelihood to expand consumer focus, make up the short board, increase stamina to increase investment, expand domestic demand and make more effective and more sustainable, the reform of supply side and demand side management complement each other


Four is to rely on innovation to promote the transformation of old and new momentum and structural optimization and upgrading. China has now developed to this stage, there is no way to rely on reform and innovation. We have the largest number of people in the world, the quality of the workforce, with the largest scale of science and technology and professional and technical personnel, a huge potential for innovation. We must adhere to the reform and opening up as the driving force of human resources support, accelerate innovation and development, fostering the growth of new energy, promote the upgrading of traditional energy, economy has maintained rapid growth in the industry towards high-end level.


Five is to focus on solving the outstanding problems of the masses. All the work of the government is for the people, to carry out the development thought of taking the people as the center, grasp the basic situation of our country in the primary stage of socialism. For the masses to reflect the strong, look forward to the urgent problem, the conditions must be resolved, to do a good job; temporarily difficult to solve, we must strive to create conditions to gradually resolve. We should insist Aoyama do not relax, persevere and do practical things for the masses, problem-solving things, promote social fairness and justice, the development of the hard truth is more reflected in improving people’s well-being.


Key tasks in 2017


(one) cut overcapacity, cut leverage, cut inventory

with the reform of the way to further promote the three to one to one down”. To consolidate the results, based on the new situation and new problems, improve policies and measures, and strive to achieve greater results.


Solid and effective production capacity. Again this year, Yajian 50 million tons of steel production capacity of about 1.5 tons of coal production capacity, exit. At the same time, to be eliminated, unfinished coal production capacity more than 50 million kilowatts, to prevent and defuse the risk of overcapacity coal, the coal industry to improve efficiency, to make room for clean energy development. To strictly implement the environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety and other relevant laws and regulations and standards, greater use of market-oriented means law, effective disposal of zombie companies, promote corporate mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy liquidation, and resolutely eliminate substandard backward production capacity, strict control of new industries with excess capacity. To the production capacity must be laid off workers, the central government special fund to fill in time to finance, local and enterprises to implement the relevant funds and measures to ensure that there is a way to split the employment of workers, life is guaranteed.


Due to the city to inventory policy. Currently three or four lines of urban real estate stocks are still more, to support the residents of the housing and urban housing needs. Adhere to the residential housing properties, implement the main responsibility of the local government, accelerate the establishment of a long-term mechanism and promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market, market-oriented to meet the needs of multi-level, mainly by the government to provide basic security. Strengthen the classification of the real estate market regulation, housing prices increased pressure to increase the rational use of residential land, regulate the development, sale, intermediary and other acts. At present, there are tens of millions of people living in urban poor conditions of the shanty towns, to continue the transformation. This year to complete the housing shantytowns 6 million sets, to continue the development of public rental housing, to improve the monetary settlement ratio, strengthen the construction of supporting facilities and public services, so that more family housing difficulties to shantytowns, let the people live in the middle to create a new life.


Actively and steadily deleveraging. China’s non-financial enterprises have higher leverage, which is related to the high savings rate and credit based financing structure. In order to control the total leverage of the premise, the reduction of corporate leverage as a top priority. Promote enterprises to revitalize the stock of assets, asset securitization, support market legalization of debt, increase equity financing efforts, strengthening enterprises especially state-owned enterprise financial leverage constraints, corporate debt will be gradually reduced to a reasonable level.


Take measures to reduce costs. Enjoy preferential income tax levied by expanding the scope of Small and micro businesses, the annual taxable income limit from 300 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan; small and medium-sized enterprise research and development expenses deduction proportion increased from 50% to 75%, do everything possible to make structural tax cuts and further apparent effect. A multitude of names fees to make many enterprises overwhelmed, to significantly reduce the non tax burden. First, clean up the norms of government funds, the abolition of the city’s public utilities and other funds, the local government to authorize the exemption of some funds. The two is to cancel or stop sign 35 central enterprises involved in administrative fees, fees to reduce more than half of the remaining items to reduce the charges as much as possible. The country should reduce Sheqi administrative fees. The three is to reduce Sheqi management fees government pricing, clean up illegal charges cancel administrative approval intermediary services, promoting the reduction of financial, railway freight and other fields Sheqi management fees, to strengthen the operation and service charges on market supervision. Four is to continue to reduce the “five social insurance and one housing fund” the proportion of payment. The five is to deepen the reform and improve the policy to reduce the cost of institutional transaction costs, reduce energy consumption, logistics and other costs. The relevant departments and units must abandon Xiaoli Gu Da Yi, to enable enterprises to create conditions for the formation of new light, China’s competitive advantage.


The precise force to make up the short board. According to the problems seriously restrict the economic and social development and improve people’s livelihood, combined with the implementation of major projects in 13th Five-Year “plan, with big short board efforts to accelerate the upgrading of public services, infrastructure, innovation and development, resources and environment support capability.


The poor areas and poor people are the biggest short board in building a well off society in an all round way. To thoroughly implement the precise poverty alleviation poverty alleviation, this year to reduce the number of poor people in rural areas more than 10 million, to complete the relocation of poverty alleviation and relocation of 3 million 400 thousand people. The central government special funds for poverty alleviation grew by more than 30%. To strengthen the focus on the development of old revolutionary base areas and poverty-stricken areas, improve infrastructure and public services, promote the development of special industries, the export of labor services, education and health, poverty alleviation, implementation of the project to enhance the overall enhancement of the poor villages, poor areas and poor people self development ability. Promote the impoverished county integrated agriculture related funds, strengthen capital and project supervision. Innovative poverty alleviation cooperation mechanism to support social forces to participate in poverty alleviation. Earnestly implement the responsibility system for poverty alleviation, the implementation of the most stringent assessment, serious investigation and false poverty, poverty, the number of poverty, to ensure that people get rid of poverty, stand the test of history.


(two) deepening the reform of key areas and key links. We will comprehensively deepen reform in various fields, speed up basic and key reforms, and enhance the power of endogenous development. [


Continue to promote the transformation of government functions. Make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better play the role of government, we must deepen decentralization



Grasp the reform of financial system. Promote financial institutions to highlight the main industry, sinking focus, enhance the ability to serve the real economy, to prevent the real from the virtual. Encourage large and medium-sized commercial banks set up Inclusive Finance Division, large state-owned banks should be the first to do it, the implementation of differentiated evaluation methods and support policies, effectively alleviate the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises, financing expensive. Play a good role in the development of policy finance, rural credit cooperatives to strengthen the “three rural” function. We will deepen the reform of the multi-level capital market, improve the basic system of the main board market, actively develop the gem, the new three board, regulate the development of regional equity market. Broaden the insurance funds to support the real economy channel. Vigorously develop green finance. The current systemic risk control, but the bad assets, bond defaults, shadow banking, Internet banking and other cumulative risks to be highly vigilant. And steadily push forward the reform of financial supervision system, in order to resolve the outstanding risk disposal, rectifying and standardizing the financial order, strengthen financial risk firewall”. China’s economic fundamentals, the provision of commercial bank capital adequacy ratio, the coverage rate is relatively high, can use the tools and means. Systemic financial risk does not occur to hold the bottom line, we have the confidence and confidence, ability and methods.


Accelerate the reform of state-owned enterprises. In order to improve the core competitiveness and resource allocation efficiency as the goal, the formation of effective checks and balances of corporate governance structure, flexible and efficient market-oriented management mechanism. This year to basically complete the reform of the company. Deepen the reform of mixed ownership, electricity, oil, natural gas, railways, civil aviation, telecommunications, military and other fields to take substantive steps. Do a good job of electricity and oil and gas system reform, open competitive business. Continue to promote fitness and health, quality and efficiency of state-owned enterprises, to peel social functions, solve problems left over by history. Promote the reform of state-owned capital investment, operating companies. To improve and strengthen the supervision of state-owned assets, to ensure that the value of the assets, the common wealth of the people to protect and develop.


Better stimulate non-public economic vitality. Implement policies and measures to support the development of the non-public sector of the economy. Accelerate the construction of new political and commercial relations. Encourage non-public enterprises to participate in the reform of state-owned enterprises. Adhere to the equality of rights, equality of opportunity and equality of rules, to further relax the market access of non-public economy. Where laws and regulations do not explicitly prohibit industries and areas, to allow market players equal access; all open to foreign investment industries and fields, will be open to private capital; unreasonable behavior where the impact of fair competition in the market, we must resolutely stop.


Strengthen the construction of property rights protection system. Protection of property rights is the protection of labor, protection of invention and creation, protection and development of productive forces. To accelerate the improvement of the system of property rights protection, protection of all economic organizations and citizens property rights in accordance with the law, to inspire people to entrepreneurship and innovation to create wealth, stimulate and protect the entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurial management, investment trust make peace of mind. For violations of the property rights of enterprises, must be severely punished, there must be a mistake.


Vigorously promote the reform of social system. Deepen the reform of income distribution system. Steadily promote the reform of the endowment insurance system, transfer of some state-owned capital adequacy of social security fund. Deepen the reform of health care, medical insurance and medicine. Comprehensive reform of public hospitals across the board, all canceled drug addition, coordinate the promotion of medical prices, personnel salaries, pharmaceutical circulation, Medicare payment reform. To further promote the reform of education, culture and institutions, the full release of the enormous potential of social development.


Deepening the reform of ecological civilization system. The main functions of the district system and improve the ecological compensation mechanism, the establishment of resources and environment monitoring and early warning mechanism, to carry out the sound of national natural resources assets management system pilot, the introduction of the national park system overall scheme, provide a powerful guarantee for the construction of ecological civilization.


 (three) further release of domestic demand potential. Promote the supply structure and demand structure to adapt to the promotion of consumption and effective investment to promote the coordinated development of regional urban and rural areas, and enhance domestic demand for economic growth lasting role.


Promote steady growth in consumption. Adapt to changes in consumer demand, improve policies and measures to improve the consumption environment. First, we must speed up the development of service consumption. To carry out a new round of comprehensive reform of the service sector to support social forces to provide education, pension, medical services. Promote innovation and cross-border integration of the service sector, the development of medical support combined with cultural and creative new consumer. To improve the tourism facilities and services, vigorously develop rural tourism, leisure, global. Expand digital home, online education and other information consumption. Promote electricity providers, courier into the community into the countryside, and promote the integration of the development of online store sales. Two to increase the consumption of high quality products. Guide enterprises to increase variety, improve quality, create a brand, expand the export of products with the same line with the standard implementation of the scope, to better meet the needs of consumer upgrades. Three to rectify and standardize the market order. Seriously investigate counterfeiting, false advertising, price fraud and other acts, strengthen the protection of consumers’ rights and interests, let the people spend less worry, more comfortable.


Actively expand effective investment. To guide the funds to invest more to make up the short board, adjusting structure, promoting innovation, improve people’s livelihood areas. To complete the railway construction investment 800 billion yuan this year, road and waterway investment of $1 trillion and 800 billion, and then start the construction of the 15 major water conservancy projects, continue to strengthen rail transport, civil aviation, telecommunications infrastructure and other major projects. Central budget investment arrangements 507 billion 600 million yuan. Implement and improve policies and measures to promote private investment. Deepen the government and social capital cooperation, improve the relevant price, tax and other preferential policies, the government should take the lead in good faith, never change the agreement, no new government to ignore the old account”.


Optimize regional development pattern. Co-ordination to promote the three strategies and the development of the “four plates”, the implementation of good planning, research and development of new initiatives. Promote the innovation and development of National New District, development zone, industrial park. Support resource depletion, ecological degradation and other regional economic restructuring and development. Optimize airspace resource allocation. Promote the construction of marine economic demonstration zone, accelerate the construction of marine power, and resolutely safeguard national maritime rights and interests.


Push forward the new urbanization. Deepen the reform of the household registration system, the city settled in more than 13 million people this year, accelerate the full coverage of the residence permit system. Support for the development of small and medium cities and small towns, and promote the development of a number of conditions of the county and the town of large orderly city, play a leading role in urban agglomerations. Promote the reform and development of the construction industry, improve the design level and quality of the project. City planning on the underground construction, and then start the construction of city underground pipe gallery of more than 2000 kilometers, starting to eliminate the urban focus waterlogged section three years of action, promote the sponge city construction, the city has “face” and more “lining”.


   (four) innovation to lead the transformation and upgrading of the real economy. The real economy has always been the foundation of China’s development, it is imperative to accelerate the transformation and upgrading. To implement the innovation driven development strategy, promote the optimization of the structure of the real economy, and constantly improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness.


Enhance scientific and technological innovation ability. We will improve the long-term and stable support mechanism for basic research and original research, build a major national scientific and technological infrastructure and technological innovation center, and build a platform for the sharing of scientific and technological resources. Comprehensive innovation reform. The effective implementation of the autonomy of universities and research institutes, the implementation of stock option and bonus incentive policy, the implementation of scientific research funds and project management system reform, make scientific research personnel no longer distraction bother trifles. To carry out the pilot reform of the comprehensive management of intellectual property rights and improve the system for the creation, protection and application of intellectual property rights. To deepen the reform of talent development, the implementation of the introduction of policy more effective talent, wide world of excellence, fully arouse the enthusiasm of scientific research personnel, to achieve innovation industry.


Accelerate the development of new industries. Full implementation of strategic emerging industry development plan to accelerate the development of new materials, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, bio pharmaceuticals, fifth generation mobile communications technology research and transformation, bigger and stronger industrial clusters. Support and guide the sharing of economic development, improve the efficiency of social resources, and facilitate the lives of the people. In line with the principle of encouraging innovation and taking care of the principle of prudence, the regulation of new industries. Deepen the reform of statistical management system and improve the statistics of emerging industries. In the Internet era, the development of various fields need faster, lower cost information network. This year the network speed drop charges to take bigger steps, the year to cancel all domestic long-distance and mobile phone roaming charges, greatly reduce the small and medium-sized enterprise dedicated Internet access charges, reduce the international long-distance telephone charges, to promote the “Internet plus”, to promote the further development of digital to accelerate economic growth, for the benefit of enterprises, benefit from a wide range of masses.


Vigorously promote the upgrading of traditional industries. The implementation of the “made in China 2025”, to speed up the big data, cloud computing, networking applications, new technologies and new formats new model to promote the transformation of traditional industries, production, management and marketing model. The development of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, promote national demonstration area, the construction of intelligent manufacturing manufacturing industry innovation center, in-depth implementation of strong industrial base, major equipment project, vigorously develop the advanced manufacturing industry, promote the Chinese manufacturing towards the high-end. We will improve the policy system of building a powerful country, support technological transformation in a variety of ways, and promote the development of traditional industries.


Continue to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation. The “double” is an effective way to promote the employment of entrepreneurship and innovation, is an important force to promote the upgrade of old and new energy transformation and the economic structure, promote equality of opportunity and social reality channel longitudinal flow, to continue to deepen. A new batch of “double” demonstration base, to encourage large enterprises and scientific research institutes, colleges and universities set up professional public record space, strengthen the innovation of small and micro enterprises to build public support, the “double” full service system, the main types of the development of its length, the line of the benign interaction, so that small businesses overwhelming and large enterprises of indomitable spirit, to unleash creativity and social vitality of the market


Improve the quality level. We will carry out quality improvement actions to enhance overall quality management and improve the quality competition mechanism of survival of the fittest. The quality of the soul, in originality. We should vigorously promote the spirit of artisans, craftsmen Houzhi culture, fulfill its occupation ethics, advocating excellence, cultivate a number of “Chinese craftsman”, to create more world famous “China brand”, to promote economic development in the era of quality China.


  (five) promoting steady development of agriculture and increasing farmers’ income. To further promote the agricultural supply side structural reform, improve the policy of benefiting the agriculture, expanding employment and increasing peasants’ income channels, the protection of national food security, promote agricultural modernization and new urbanization mutual promotion, accelerate the development of agriculture and rural development of new energy.


Push forward the adjustment of agricultural structure. To guide farmers to develop production according to market demand, increase the quality of green agricultural products supply, expand high-quality rice, wheat production, a modest reduction in corn planting area, the pilot is to expand the area of more than 10 million acres. Encourage multi-channel digestion of corn stocks. Support the development of deep processing of agricultural products producing areas, expand the value chain of the industry chain, to create a new pattern of development of integration of the rural 123 industry.


Strengthening the construction of modern agriculture. Accelerate the standardization of agricultural production and brand building, to create a functional area of grain production, production and protection of important agricultural products, agricultural products and the advantages of modern agricultural industrial park. Promote land remediation, and vigorously transform the low yield fields, new efficient water-saving irrigation area of 20 million acres. The development of various forms of moderate scale management is the only way of agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics. Select the part of the county in 13 major grain producing provinces this year, the implementation of catastrophe insurance on the moderate scale of farmers, adjust some financial relief funds to support, improve the standard of insurance claims, improve the agricultural reinsurance system, with the development of modern agriculture agricultural insurance help dovishly continuously.


We will deepen rural reform. We will steadily push forward the reform of rural collective property rights system, deepen the reform of rural land system, and give farmers more property rights. To improve the formation mechanism and storage system of grain and other agricultural products prices, promote the comprehensive reform of agricultural water price. Deepening of collective forest rights, state-owned forest forest, agriculture, supply and marketing cooperatives reform. The “double” mechanism to promote and improve the rural, migrant workers return home to support entrepreneurship, to encourage college graduates, ex servicemen, scientific and technical personnel to rural talent.


Strengthen the construction of rural public facilities. Newly built 200 thousand kilometers of rural roads. To achieve stable and reliable power supply service of rural wells and plains electricity full coverage. Complete 30 thousand administrative villages through optical fiber. Improve rural drinking water safety guarantee rate. Increase rural reconstruction efforts. We will further promote the improvement of rural living environment and build a beautiful countryside with modern civilization and rural scenery.


(six) actively expand opening to the outside world. In the face of the new changes in the international environment and the new requirements of domestic development, we must further improve the strategic layout of the opening up, accelerate the establishment of a new system of open economy, and promote a deeper level of opening up to the outside world.


Push forward the construction of “The Belt and Road”. Adhere to jointly sharing, accelerate the land economic corridor and maritime cooperation fulcrum construction, cooperation mechanism construction along the large clearance. Deepen cooperation in international production capacity, driven by China’s equipment, technology, standards, services go out to achieve complementary advantages. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation in education, culture, tourism and other fields. High quality run The Belt and Road “International Cooperation Forum, with the cooperation and win-win new music playing.


To promote the foreign trade to continue to stabilize. The implementation and improvement of import and export policies, to promote excellent into the best. Expand the coverage of export credit insurance, export financing for the whole set of equipment should be protected. Innovation and development of trade in services to guide the fund. To support the development of market procurement trade and foreign trade integrated service enterprises. Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade demonstration base construction. Promote the expansion of processing trade to the high-end industry chain, the gradient transfer to the central and Western regions. Promotion of international trade “single window” to achieve the integration of national customs clearance. Increase imports of advanced technology, equipment and key components, promote the balanced development of trade and domestic industries to accelerate the upgrade.


To optimize the environment for foreign investment. Revised foreign investment industry directory, to further relax the foreign investment in the service sector, manufacturing, mining. To support foreign investment enterprises in the domestic market, bonds, allowing participation in national science and technology projects. In terms of licensing, standards, government procurement, enjoy the “made in China 2025” policy, the domestic and foreign enterprises equally. Local governments within the scope of statutory authority, the introduction of preferential policies for investment. High standard and high level construction of 11 FTA test area, a comprehensive promotion of mature experience. Guide the healthy development of foreign investment norms, improve risk prevention capabilities. China’s open door will open up, will continue to be the most attractive destination for foreign investment.


Promote international trade and investment liberalization and facilitation. Economic globalization conforms to the fundamental interests of all countries in the world. China will unswervingly push forward global economic cooperation, safeguard the main channel of the multilateral trading system, and actively participate in multilateral trade negotiations. We are ready to work with relevant countries to promote the full implementation of the China ASEAN FTA upgrade protocol, an early conclusion of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement negotiations to promote the construction of the Asia Pacific Free Trade area. To continue to discuss investment and trade agreements with relevant countries and regions. China is a responsible country, the commitment has been earnestly fulfilled, the rights and interests will be resolutely defended.

(seven) increase the intensity of ecological environmental protection. To speed up the improvement of the ecological environment, especially air quality, is the urgent desire of the people and the inherent requirement of sustainable development. Must science measures tackling the problem, iron fisted control from the masses, to produce a qualified answer.


Resolutely fight against the blue sky. This year, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emissions should be reduced by 3%, key areas of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) concentration decreased significantly. First, we must speed up the solution to the problem of coal pollution. Full implementation of the comprehensive management of bulk coal to promote clean and warm winter in the northern region, the completion of the generation of electricity generation, gas generation of coal more than 3 million households, all out of the city above the level of coal fired boilers. Increase in coal-fired power plants with ultra low emission and energy saving efforts, the eastern and central regions respectively completed next year, the western region was completed in 2020. Pay close attention to solve the problem of mechanism and technology, give priority to the protection of renewable energy power generation Internet, effectively alleviate the abandoned water, abandoned the wind, abandoned light condition. Accelerate the utilization of straw resources. Two to comprehensively promote pollution control. To carry out special operations to focus on pollution control. For all major industrial pollution sources, the implementation of 24 hours online monitoring. Clear emission standards are not up to the time limit for the enterprise, due to strict compliance with the law closed down. Three to strengthen the management of motor vehicle exhaust. Basic elimination of yellow cars, accelerate the elimination of old motor vehicles, high emission vehicles for special rectification, encourage the use of clean energy vehicles. In key areas to accelerate the promotion of the use of six national standard fuel. Four to have an effect on heavy pollution weather. Strengthen the study of the formation mechanism of haze, improve the scientific and accurate response. To expand the focus of regional joint prevention and control, strengthen emergency measures. Fifth, strict environmental law enforcement and supervision and accountability. On the row, fraud, must be severely dealt with; on the law enforcement, palliative indulgence, must be seriously investigated; the deterioration of air quality, poor response, must be strictly accountable. Governance haze is in action, to insist on. With the unremitting efforts of the whole society, the blue sky will surely rise year by year.


Strengthen water and soil pollution control. This year, chemical oxygen demand, ammonia emissions should be reduced by 2%. Focus on water pollution and agricultural non-point source pollution control in key river basins. To carry out detailed investigation of soil pollution, classification implementation measures. Strengthen the comprehensive improvement of urban and rural environment, the implementation of the garbage classification system. Foster and expand energy conservation and environmental protection industry, so as to achieve a win-win situation of environmental improvement and economic development


Promoting ecological protection and construction. To strictly delineated and ecological protection of the red line. To improve the quality of forest, the Yangtze River Economic Belt major ecological restoration, the second batch of landscape forest lake ecological protection project, completed reforestation of 12 million acres or more, accumulate more wealth to build a sustainable ecological, green the Great Wall.


      (eight) to promote social development with a focus on ensuring and improving people’s livelihood. People’s livelihood is to be political, must always be on my mind, on the shoulder. In the current situation at home and abroad, the situation is complicated, but also to give priority to the protection and improvement of people’s livelihood, the office can do things to do a good job, the basic livelihood of the people to firmly hold the bottom line.

Li Keqiang Vigorously promote employment and entrepreneurship. We will improve the employment policy, increase the intensity of employment training, and strengthen the support for flexible employment and new employment. College graduates this year, 7 million 950 thousand people, a new record high, to implement a good job promotion, entrepreneurship, grassroots growth and other programs to promote multi-channel employment entrepreneurship. Do a good job in the placement of demobilized soldiers. Efforts to increase employment assistance, support for urban workers, employment of disabled people, to ensure that zero employment families at least one person stable employment. We must firmly grasp the employment of the livelihood of the people, so that people in the labor to create wealth in the struggle to achieve the value of life. [


Fair and high quality education. Unified urban and rural compulsory education students “two from a policy, to speed up the implementation of the compulsory education of urban public services to the resident population of full coverage, continue to improve the school’s weak conditions, expand the coverage of high-quality educational resources, narrowing urban and rural areas, the gap between schools. We will continue to expand the scale of rural enrollment in key areas. To improve the national subsidy for doctoral students. Promoting the construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines. Deepening the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination. Speeding up the development of modern vocational education. Strengthen national education, run special education, continuing education, preschool education and education for the aged. Strengthen the construction of teachers. Formulating and implementing “China’s education modernization 2030”. We want to develop the education of people’s satisfaction, to support the modernization of the country with the modernization of education, so that more children dream of success, more families hope.


Promoting healthy China construction. Urban and rural residents health insurance financial subsidies from 420 yuan per person per year increased to $450, while raising the standard of individual contributions to expand the scope of drug coverage. In the country to promote health care information networking, remote medical treatment to achieve direct settlement of hospital expenses. Improve the serious illness insurance system, improve the level of protection. Started a variety of Medical Union construction pilot, three public hospitals to participate and play a leading role, to promote the establishment of high-quality medical resources through the evaluation and incentive mechanism, strengthen grassroots service ability, convenient for people to the nearest doctor. Grading clinics pilot and family contract services to expand


Promoting healthy China construction. Urban and rural residents health insurance financial subsidies from 420 yuan per person per year increased to $450, while raising the standard of individual contributions to expand the scope of drug coverage. In the country to promote health care information networking, remote medical treatment to achieve direct settlement of hospital expenses. Improve the serious illness insurance system, improve the level of protection. Started a variety of Medical Union construction pilot, three public hospitals to participate and play a leading role, to promote the establishment of high-quality medical resources through the evaluation and incentive mechanism, strengthen grassroots service ability, convenient for people to the nearest doctor. Grading clinics and family planning services expanded to more than 85% of the city. Continue to improve the basic public health services funding subsidies. Transparent and timely response to public health emergencies. Protect and mobilize the enthusiasm of medical staff. Constructing harmonious relationship between doctors and patients. To adapt to the implementation of a comprehensive two child policy to strengthen the reproductive health care services. Support the development of traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine. Food and drug safety related to people’s health, must be strict and strict management. To perfect the supervision system, enrich the grassroots regulatory power, reinforce the responsibility of the parties, adhere to the source control, production management, severe punishment, every pass resolutely good food and drug safety for the people.


To weave dense network of livelihood security. Continue to improve the basic pension retirees to ensure timely and full payment. Steadily improve the special care, social assistance standards, the implementation of temporary assistance system. Adjust and improve the living subsidy mechanism of natural disasters, all completed the restoration of damaged houses down in the flood last year. Strengthen the care and protection of children left behind in rural areas and the plight of children in urban and rural areas. Care to help the elderly. Full implementation of the disabled two subsidy system. The government should establish the basic living security coordination mechanism, earnestly underpinning work, make people feel a warm and difficult life bentou. To solve the problem of wage arrears for migrant workers with perseverance, and never allow their hard work should not return.


Develop cultural undertakings and cultural industries. Strengthen the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, adhere to the Chinese dream and the socialist core values of consensus, gathering strength. Flourishing Philosophy and Social Sciences and the creation of literature and art, the development of press and publication, radio, film and television, archives and other undertakings. Building a new think tank with Chinese characteristics. Strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage. Vigorously promote universal reading, strengthen scientific popularization. Improve the level of equalization of basic public cultural services. Accelerate the cultivation of cultural industries, strengthen cultural market regulation. Promote Chinese culture to go out. Do a good job in Winter Olympic Games, Paralympic Games organizing work, to co-ordinate the development of mass sports, competitive sports, sports industry, extensive nationwide fitness, so that more people enjoy the sport happy, have a healthy physique. People’s physical and mental health, optimistic, the country will be full of vigor and vitality.


Promote social governance innovation. Improve the grassroots self-government system, strengthen urban and rural community governance. Give full play to the role of trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women’s federations and other mass organizations. Reform and improve the management system of social organizations, according to the law to promote the healthy development of public welfare and charity, and promote the development of professional social work and voluntary service. Effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of women, children and the elderly. Accelerate the construction of social credit system. Strengthen the legal publicity and education and legal services. The implementation of the petition responsibility system, according to the law in place to resolve the reasonable demands of the masses. China deepen peace building, and improve the three-dimensional information of social security prevention and control system, to crack down on violent terrorist activities, to punish the evil forces crime and theft, robbery, telecommunications network fraud and other multiple crimes, safeguarding national security and social stability. We should strictly regulate and enforce the law of justice and civilization, vigorously improve the social security and public order, and improve the people’s sense of security in an all-round way.


Human life, safety first. Must persevere in safety production. Strengthen the construction of safety infrastructure, do a good job of earthquake, meteorology, surveying and mapping, geology, etc.. Strict safety production responsibility system, the full implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise, local territorial management responsibilities, regulatory responsibilities of the Department, and resolutely curb the occurrence of major accidents, and effectively protect the lives and property of the people.


   (nine) strengthening the construction of the government itself. To adhere to the leadership of the party, firmly establish the “Four Consciousness”, and resolutely safeguard the authority of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, consciously ideological and political action in highly consistent with the Central Committee, to accelerate the transformation of government functions, improve administrative efficiency, better service to the people. [


Adhere to the overall performance of their duties. Governments at all levels and their staff should thoroughly implement the rule of law in accordance with the law, respect for the rule of law, fear of the law, according to law. Increase the openness of government affairs. Adhere to scientific decision-making, democratic decision-making, according to the law, listen to opinions from all sides, including criticism. Governments at all levels should accept the supervision of the NPC and its Standing Committee in accordance with the law, and consciously accept the democratic supervision of the CPPCC, the initiative to accept social and media supervision, seriously listen to the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, democratic parties, personages without party affiliation and people’s organizations opinions. As the people’s government, all work should reflect the will of the people, safeguard the interests of the people, and accept the supervision of the people.


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