Manufacturing in China: already showing signs of success


According to National Bureau of Statistics, Chinese industrial companies are experiencing robust profit growth in the first two months of 2017. In January and February, industrial enterprises reported a 31.5% increase in profit from the same period last year, reaching a total value of 1.02 trillion Yuan ($148.5 billion). In 2015, Chinese major industrial enterprises reported profit losses, and then reaped good returns in 2016 on the back of a construction boom.

I strongly believe that, this time, China is serious about it. China Manufacturing 2025 is a real thing and not the usual initiative aimed at pleasing the desire to enhance soft power and find objective to dissuade attention.

In 2015, the so-called secondary sector had posted an-almost zero growth rate, having declined steadily from the previous years. Industrials, a main sub-sector of the secondary industry, grew by a mere 1% and only thanks to Construction – the other main segment – overall secondary sector did not go into negative territory.

However, things have changed significantly during 2016. China Manufacturing plan is already bringing benefits: the downward trend has been stopped and, in 2016, secondary sector posted a 7% growth rate. Manufacturing (a sub-component of Industrials) also regained strong growth rates after four years of declining growth (+4% in 2013, +8% in 2014, +4% in 2015 and, finally, up again to +6% in 2016). In other words, CM2025 is not..just words. Stay tuned and brace yourself for a global revolution of production activities.


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