It’s hanami time: tradition flourishes in Japan 🟢🟢🟢


The hanami is a rite that has millennial roots, a message of contemplation and joy. Between March and April many people in Japan gather to enjoy the spectacle of spring blooms together with picnics with special foods, walks, excursions in the city parks and garden parties.

Contemplation of the beauty of simplicity, the power of nature that rises in spite of every winter, reflection on transience, the exaltation of spring joy. There can be many different meanings of hanami – contemplation of cherry blossom – all linked by the feeling of rebirth. An interesting lesson of nature, of which Japan can teach the world to rejoice.

The beauty of the rite, the slow anticipation, the slow sequence of steps to take… Japan has always suggested many practices and gestures that have a very modern charm. The hanami is a social moment of contemplation of beauty that explodes in the flowers.

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