Hainan Island: China nightlife is back. No more Covid?


Mirror of nightlife here in China to see a little bit of how they are handling here too the pandemic as you see here is practically a bacchanal seems to have really come back, Back in time this is kind of the normal evening of a restaurant here in the South China area.


This text is a translated transcription of the original Italian video available on my YouTube channel.

Obviously the economy is back the virus is not there, the distance here is exceeded by the fact that who arrives in this tourist place at the airport, the station must show that the apps give the green code and then you enter a bubble perhaps an important suggestion for the ideas of our Covid Islands free, I think Minister Garavaglia had spoken a council that I give to Massimo (Max) has to do strict entry checks with tests. Here they do the test in a way as to say a little ‘random but the app, having here few cases, the app is enough from us I think that even here if there were so many cases the app would no longer be enough would also need the Covid test, so the tampon on arrival so beware of our Covid Islands free unfortunately from us with millions of cases maybe the apps that by the way we do not even would not be enough while you see here life as it is taken back in the say normality.

There’s also a bit of music that reminds us of the Latin rhythms here too. So I think you understand, here we are in a parallel dystopian world. We continue the path because the deeper I get the more it seems really unfortunately that our beloved country has not well understood how to solve this situation instead here and here they have understood how I always say that the problem of the pandemic and the economic problem were not in and so they did both at the same time.

Blocked the country, the Hubei province so iron, the rest of the country so almost iron much more than ours. I understand that we seem tough and that people complain but it is here was something else and they in two months have emerged from both the problem of the virus, and of course the economy has practically stopped except for many sectors that have continued to work but also checked them with buffers there will have been cases and of course who went a bit ‘in the middle because it is clear that when you take a systemic approach there are cases of people who obviously don’t have a job, Some people will also have suffered hunger because the subsidies obviously do not always arrive indeed, there were but when the economy grows by 6/7 percent and two months you can stop, two points of GDP are lost and with a network of solidarity that exists here in China a bit like in our Mediterranean, if you will allow me also here are a bit earthy like ours in the good sense, we help each other friends, between families, between neighbors and what was somewhat the difficulty of the State, to ensure of course a billion and 4 of people, let’s call them in refreshments that was not possible, to individuals was like saying compensated by these.


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