Boao Forum: President Xi Jinping sends an important message to the world


On April 20, President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech entitled “Together in the same boat to overcome difficulties, destiny and create the future together” at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia 2021 Annual Conference in video format. The guests at the conference expressed that President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech is rich in content and profound in thought, and has guiding significance for enhancing confidence in all walks of life, consolidating consensus from all walks of life, guiding countries in Asia and the world to fight the epidemic together, strengthening global governance, and creating a better future.


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“We must negotiate on an equal footing to create a win-win and shared future”; “We must open up and innovate and create a future of development and prosperity”; “We must work together to create a healthy and safe future”; “We must uphold justice and create a future of mutual respect and mutual learning.” In his keynote speech, President Xi Jinping put forward four proposals on working together to overcome the epidemic, strengthen global governance, and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. The guests at the meeting said that the four-point initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping has strong practical relevance and great guiding significance for countries to jointly deal with the major crises and challenges facing mankind and promote the development of the global governance system in a more just and reasonable direction.

Prime Minister Hasina of Bangladesh said that the epidemic has allowed us to stand at the crossroads of human history and face the most severe global challenge of our time. The prevention and control of the epidemic highlights the key role of global governance to ensure that no one is left behind even in a crisis. Countries in the world should work together to allow international organizations such as the United Nations to play an effective role. Countries and economies must also take care of each other.

Georgieva, president of the International Monetary Fund, said that in the face of great changes in the world, one thing is eternal and unchanging, and that is the unity between countries. “By further enhancing global cooperation, we can turn a world full of changes into a beautiful world where everyone has opportunities.”

“In the development of the world today, no country can stand on its own. Only when interconnected can have a future.” Former Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz stated that Pakistan has benefited the most from the introduction of the “Belt and Road” initiative. The “Belt and Road Initiative” has brought about earth-shaking changes to Pakistan, and I believe it will continue to bring market opportunities to connect Pakistan with the world and open up to the world through specific projects.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said that Cambodia highly appreciates China’s proposal to build a healthy Silk Road.

Chilean President Pinera stated that the international community needs to unite more than ever to promote a rapid, inclusive and sustainable recovery. “Only if everyone is safe, the world will be safe. I appreciate China’s efforts to increase vaccine production.”

“We still face many challenges, and the multilateral system must show responsibility and play a role.” said Bozker, Chairman of the Seventy-fifth United Nations General Assembly.

UN Deputy Secretary-General Liu Zhenmin said that only through global partnerships and a strong multilateral framework can global challenges be met. The international community must restore confidence in the multilateral trading system and limit unilateral and protectionist measures. Asian countries should lead such multilateral cooperation, restart and revitalize the multilateral trading system, and accelerate sustainable economic recovery.

Marcos Troyo, President of the BRICS New Development Bank, said that the world is undergoing major changes. Countries are interdependent, and it is very important for us to cooperate and increase productivity. We need to uphold multilateralism, let multilateral mechanisms play an important role, optimize global governance, and promote world prosperity.

Norov, secretary-general of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, said that the epidemic has once again proved that the entire world is interconnected. We need to unite and work together to jointly respond to the common challenges of the world and prevent the world from globalization to isolation. We need to use firm multilateralism and united efforts to meet the challenges together. International mechanisms and regional cooperation mechanisms should play a greater role to strengthen multilateral cooperation and global coordination, so as to work together to fight the epidemic and overcome the crisis.

Michele Geraci, former deputy minister of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, said: “President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech conveys an important message to the world: all countries are in the same boat, and we need to work together to overcome difficulties together.

Chang Qide, the coordinator of the United Nations system in China, said: “Unity and cooperation are an important means to deal with the epidemic, but also an important way to deal with other global challenges.

The Jordanian Ambassador to China Husam Husseini said that President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech is full of wisdom. Countries should continue to deepen international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic.

“Closedness will only make the world go backwards. Only on the basis of multilateral cooperation can countries make progress.” said Zhuo Jiaying, Malta’s Ambassador to China.

An Gaobo, President of Merck China, said: “In the period of turbulent change full of uncertainty, it is especially necessary to persist in openness and accommodation, and build a community with a shared future for mankind through solidarity and cooperation.”

Dai Pu, co-president of Roland Berger’s Global Management Committee, said: “We must follow the development trend of the times and promote the reform of the global governance system to make it more adaptable to this changing world.”

AstraZeneca Chairman Leif Johansson said that President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech demonstrated the determination and action of the Chinese government to continue to expand reform and opening up. It also demonstrated that China, as a major developing country, has contributed to the post-epidemic era by promoting international exchanges and cooperation. The global economic recovery injects strong momentum and responsibility and responsibility.


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