The Xinjiang’s innovative cotton fields


Agricultural cooperative that collects about 170 families, for an average of 50 Bu of land per family, total we make a round 10,000 Bu and what they do, grow cotton, tomatoes, corn and other obviously costs and revenues are different, Cotton makes about seven and a half renminbi a kilo, tomatoes two and a half, a little bit like corn.


This text is a transcript of the video available on my YouTube channel

Here we are with the director who also explains the use of these drones. This does practically in an hour, covers an area of about 100 Bu, a Bu are about 700 square meters and 15 Bu a hectare. The drone needs quind to give pesticides but also to throw fertilizers down on the ground. They command either individually or in a flock, in a group.

Here are some people who in two manage 1400 Bu of land practically 10 hectares in two people because practically above all they say done with cars. Here we see the first cotton shoots, they were planted a few days ago and the plantation season is now, The harvest is in September so in all you work a few months but within those two months the gentleman told us that practically works two months a year the rest does other things.


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