The impressive Karez system of wells in Xinjiang


And so this is kind of the view on the other side, this is actually the writing in Arabic and Chinese so the water comes out and comes out we say destination to be used and then put in basins of course, for this is used for irrigation, various crops and for good, In short, a hard work, dug by hand with months of that time, But we’re talking about 1,500 years ago, and the concept is interesting because these canals weren’t built all of a sudden, but as the need for water increased, we were going more and more towards the mountain, so if we found ourselves with enough for the use, the excavations stopped.


This text is a transcript of the video available on my YouTube channel

This is the last stretch, so the water that continues to flow, this is the water that comes right from the mountains and here you basically get to the final outlet, let’s say the light then the water has made 3 km underground in all these wells of this size so they are a couple of meters wide, of diameter were all excavated by hand for a total of 5,000 kilometers every 30 meters one of these Shaft here upwards to the reaction and then as it worked, they had oil lamps and when it went off in addition to no more light, It was a signal of lack of oxygen and so he asked from above for help, he went out, he did something else.


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