Walking among the vineyards-hotels of Xinjiang


Here it seems to be in Sicily, vineyards and there are several types of vines attention because even here, ah later we go to see the vineyards and where they make wine, here is to eat the grapes. Very similar atmosphere, almost Mediterranean, all this green is due to these cardi systems that brought water from the mountains to the city that otherwise would not have had water.


This text is a translated transcription of my video avaiable on my YouTube Channel

This is a machine imported from Italy, EV Eno Veneta, who would have thought that here in the middle of the Turpan desert we find a machine to make Italian wine.

This wine costs from 200 to 300 renminbi, 300 tons of wine a year, 20-30 renminbi not very expensive but explained to me that they are open only 4 years.

200 of these barrels used as hotel rooms, there is big big bed, air conditioning, hot water, 400 renminbi per night. Interesting idea then come to drink wine, the more you drink more how to say is obliged to stay inside and sleep here. This is the hotel room, every day from 700 to 800 people, about 400 rooms all. A good idea this wine-hotel, the more you drink and the more you sleep!


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