The attitude of China and Italy towards the virus


The difference in the communication that we used in Italy and what China used was one of the determining factors that caused us 120,000 deaths and GDP minus 8-9% from them a few thousand. Perhaps these are underestimated numbers but in any case they had a better performance both on health and on the economic side.

Our virologists are on TV often, we see Doctor Bassetti even making a cover in a gossip newspaper and instead seeing the video, we notice the behavior, attitude and communication of the leading Chinese virologist, Professor Zhang Wenhong, that I got to know.

He said two fundamental things:

I now go to the ward twice a week even though I am a manager and I have the responsibility of many doctors, of the whole system, but I will still go to the ward to see what happens, not on TV.

Second message: he called all the members of the Communist Party together, he said:

You have declared loyalty to the Communist Party which is not just a slogan when you sing there with red flags, now the country needs to you, all the medical members of the Communist Party all in the ward with me.

Do you understand the difference in approach and therefore a reason why China’s results are much higher than ours?


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