Green Pass in Italy, invasive policies and fewer certainties


You probably remember for the last 18 months, I’ve been trying to say that we should look at what Asian countries have done in order to win or mitigate the spread of the virus and particularly China. China has adopted a three pronged approach:

  1. Extensive use of tracing app.
  2. Extensive testing where there have been spread of the virus in the local communities.
  3. Clear communication and a positive reaction of the population that is used to listening to what the government tell them.

When I suggested is the reaction I got from our Western partners was no, we cannot possibly do that. That’s too invasive. China is a communist regime, non democratic. We cannot in the West democracy, We cannot possibly impose such tight constraints including lockdown and the closing of the borders.

Now, what is the result of not having listened to what I was suggesting a long time ago?

The result is that now we more liberal democracies, more open countries are trying to impose into our citizens policies that are even stricter than what china has been doing, particularly the factor in position of using vaccine. Why is that? Because whilst the european green path does not have strictly speaking an obligation for the individuals to go through the vaccine, we are having a pricing policy, media communication, a set of incentives that basically not not the europe, but the factor makes the vaccine almost compulsory for those who want to go to a restaurant cinema and the soon travel.

So we are doing a policy that is much more invasive because it is, you know, sticking a vaccine into your body, which is a little bit more invasive than putting a stick into your nose for two seconds. And by the way, I’m not an expert. But my virologist friends tell me that information that a negative test gives with regards to the likelihood of transmitting the virus into other people. He’s almost as good as, if not better than those who have been vaccinated, who may actually not have any symptoms, but still be carrier of the virus that they can be transmitting to other people.

So in a way, we’re doing something which is completely in logical, we are imposing stricter regulations, even on the body of individuals or something, the vaccine that gives fewer information than the testing.


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