The production of “Naan Bread”, an example of startups in China


We are always in Turpan in a complex where is prdouced these “Naan Bread”, the Naan bread.


This text is a translated transcription of the video avaiable on My Youtube Channel

The interesting thing is the live sale, somewhat what is a Chinese feature: the live streaming sale. Here we have a girl with 7 cell phones who sells live video and practically makes money, we talked to the manager, 5% of what she sells. We did the math, about 20,000 renminbi or 3,000 euros a month plus a basic salary.

Here you make this kind of Naan bread that is shipped at about 4 renminbi per piece, so the cost is practically negligible, 4 renminbi is about 50 euro cents, in all areas of China. This store makes about 100,000 euros a month, so 1.2 million a year. You see here a whole row of people working and I see a lot of employees are obviously local.

A climate similar to that of our Sicilian, now we try some.

This park is an interesting concept, it’s a kind of incubator where each of these companies, four people each, has its own oven. Technically speaking, I’m in competition with each other. A row that slowly we go seeing and they all make a type of bread only with sesame and the reason is that in summer it is easier to keep it while in winter they have more variety. There is a phrase that belongs to Chinese culture: “better a day without meat than a day without Naan”. Therefore the Naan is not considered only as a fundamental food but even that it is believed that it also has healing powers as for the stomach. As you can see it’s a startup, remember our Start Up Program, everyone has their own oven, it’s very interesting.

The government set up this plant, this plant, let’s call it a park. Everyone comes here, rents, pays a little something and sells its products obviously giving work to many people. At the same time it also promotes the culture of the place since they produce only local foods, various types of products.

Another curiosity, it is said that the name pizza comes from a Uyghur phrase that means “it was not cooked well” it seems, according to legend, that Marco Polo has said this.

Then we head towards the exit here a beautiful avenue with vineyard and we find our inevitable young lady here who makes the sale in streaming, let’s see with how many mobile phones 1,2,3 and 4. She sells from bread to biscuits.


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