Switzerland VS European Union, who loses? Italy


Switzerland has stopped negotiations with the European Union for what should have been an ever closer relationship, greater trade integration between the bloc of 27 and Switzerland itself. 


This text is a translated transcription of the video avaiable on My Youtube Channel

The negotiations were interrupted for a very simple reason, throughout the Swiss parliamentary arc both from right to left were opposed to this agreement, the right did not want it because being a little sovereign they did not want further interference, it was a bit ‘also defined submission of freedom, Swiss independence, to the laws, in short, to all the systems of the European Union and therefore the right is happy. The Swiss left is also happy because since Switzerland is a country with high incomes and wages compared to the rest of Europe, it was rightly feared that a greater opening , therefore a flow of workers from the countries of the union, especially those with income. low, Eastern European countries and then the Balkans would have had a downward pressure on wages, they understand that the migration of workers from less prosperous economies tends to lower wages and therefore also the left, even the trade unions have said no. So there was a let’s say a coincidence of bipartisan views to block it. Now watch out, who pays for this? The European Commission, as always, sells this rupture of the agreement as it was in the investment agreement with China as a great victory, it is worse for them, we are great, Switzerland alone will not make it etc. Attention, it being understood that big and small are not synonymous with success, we always look at the numbers for example: trade relations and the trade balance between the European Union and Switzerland. Guess who’s in favor right now? is in favor of the European Union for about 33 billion (2020 data) guess of these 33 billion which is the country that has the greatest trade surplus with Switzerland, which is the country of the European Union that has the greatest surplus with the Switzerland and therefore the one that could potentially be penalized the most by the breaking of these agreements, try to guess which one it is? Is it Italy exactly. Have you heard me talk about this agreement, have you heard about the possible disadvantages, difficulties that Italian goods could have when we export to Switzerland? Attention Switzerland is also a transit country, not everything we sell in Switzerland is consumed by Swiss citizens, many of our goods are then re-exported from Switzerland to other countries. So Switzerland acts a little bit not like Holland, not like the port of Rotterdam but in any case as a bridge between Italy and other countries. After all, Switzerland has free trade agreements with many Asian countries, with Japan, with Korea and also with China. Beware that we are underestimating this breaking of the European Union agreement that we have been told as a strong insistence and when Switzerland feels pressure it backs off. So perhaps an excessive confidence on the part of our commission to always want to impose its own criteria has already made England escape the first time and now Switzerland here , obviously Switzerland was not part of the European but there was the possibility of a greater integration that now after 10-15 years of negotiations is set aside, we throw ourselves a shot in the foot as always and we do not even notice it indeed we think we have won and who loses? Italy, our workers, our companies and our young people, as always.


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