My philosophy for the new Italian Reinassnce in 4 points


Piano Geraci per l’Italia

Italy today faces three challenges: 1) Managing the emergency; 2) Plan and execute the country’s revival plan; 3) Do not miss the great opportunity that the crisis is offering us. The Recovery Plan presented on January 12 contains measures, also useful and interesting, but is focused on micro-problems and micro-solutions. It is a rescue plan, but not a recovery plan for the country. It lacks courage, a vision of Italy that will be in 2030 and leadership. Ours is a G7 country and must be and act as a leader. There is no more time

Below is the philosophy of my proposal, Piano Geraci, and the list of objectives to be pursued:

  1. Specific Projects – Mission-Oriented. John Fitzgerald Kennedy pointed to the goal: “I want to go to the moon”, he did not say: “I would like to innovate the clothing sector for astronauts, or the steel industry for the production of launch pads”. My Plan is inspired by this philosophy: to determine the Vision and define what Italy will be like in 2030, through specific projects and missions. The Plan does not act as an ATM for various trade associations, it is not its task to guarantee the various production sectors. The task is to trace the line of development of the country: it will then be society, in all its forms, which will adapt to seize the opportunities, in a “Darwinian” development model
  2. Support for the weak. Of course, not all productive sectors and all citizens have the flexibility and skills to be able to adapt to a Darwinian world in which the strong surplus and the weak lag behind. The Plan therefore provides for various forms of support for these vulnerable groups, such as the modified and further improved Citizenship Income. It is therefore a mix of liberalism to increase average productivity, and protectionism. Because no one will have to be left behind
  3. Non-ideological analytical method. The Plan is based on analysis, detailed on scientific-statistical data and free from political ideologies. Italy no longer has the luxury of leaving planning to improvisation or to the search for consensus. The Plan is founded on who has competence, executive ability, leadership, courage and heart.
  4. Holistic Approach. The actions will be planned and coordinated so that the timing of each measure / objective / project proceeds in harmony, synchronized with the others. The mistake of the past was to make reforms and initiatives incrementally, deluded that the method “do something first, better than nothing” could work. This erroneous approach has meant that valid measures, but which remained outside the system context that would have supported them, have failed. And with them, the whole country has failed. Now there is no more time



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